Praetego is a developmental stage pharmaceutical company targeting the complications of diabetes.

Our small molecule candidates address the underlying pathology of diabetic complications. Our initial focus is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN)—a degenerative process of the nerves in the extremities. DPN affects approximately 50% of patients living with diabetes.

Our novel compounds are unique inhibitors of the oxidative breakdown of glycated proteins.

This oxidative breakdown can form destructive byproducts called Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs. Oxidation and AGEs lead to tissue damage. This process is present in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many neurodegenerative diseases.

Our candidates, called Amadorins, do not target and bind to any specific protein or receptor. Instead, their design targets a functional chemical level. These small molecules are generally acting protectors as they circulate in plasma. This method of action offers greater potential for safety and tolerability.

In a preclinical proof of concept against the underlying pathology, three Amadorins restored nerve function. They also demonstrated functional and vascular benefit. In preclinical safety studies, the Amadorins demonstrated a wide therapeutic window and minimal off target hits. Most recent drug development work is funded by the National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

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