verb \ pruh-tay-go\    latin “to protect”
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Praetego is a preclinical stage biotech company with the goal to significantly improve the health and longevity of people living with diabetes. Our novel small molecule technology addresses an underlying cause of serious diabetic complications.


Praetego’s novel small molecules inhibit a common pathway associated with diabetic microvascular disease, thereby protecting the downstream organs. For patients living with diabetes, limiting disease progression could improve quality of life, lower the cost of care, and extend lifespan.

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Praetego’s team members led the discovery and development of the Amadorins and offer extensive technical and operational experience in developmental stage drug companies.
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Praetego’s novel small molecules (Amadorins) are derived from a clinically proven prototype. Our primary indication is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN), a condition plaguing about 50% of diabetics. The Amadorins are designed to limit disease progression.

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Press and Announcements

Life Science Nation Interview

July 14, 2021

After being a winner in the Digital RESI June Innovator’s Pitch Challenge, Praetego’s CEO Pepper Landson is interviewed by Life Science Nation to tell her story.

Praetego Receives Third Grant from the NIH

June 1, 2021

Praetego Inc, a preclinical stage pharmaceutical company developing novel candidates against chronic diseases of aging, is pleased to announce an award of a $458K grant to study the Amadorin candidates for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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