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Praetego pharma company


verb \ pruh-tay-go\ 

Latin “to protect”

Harnessing the Power of Protection

Praetego Inc. is a pharmaceutical company committed to protecting patients from age-related neurodegeneration. Our primary goal is limiting Alzheimer’s disease.

Praetego’s novel small molecules, the Amadorins, are unique in their activity to protect healthy aging by interrupting the chemistry that leads to the many diseases associated with aging. Specifically, the Amadorins inhibit the reactions that drive glucotoxicity. Our lead candidate, PTG-630, has demonstrated remarkable ability to impact many domains of Alzheimer’s pathology, in both animal models and human derived brain cells. Treatment with PTG-630 reversed cognitive decline in multiple animal models of age-related neurodegeneration. The behavioral data is confirmed by functional markers of disease.  After a successful Pre-IND meeting, PTG-630 is poised to start IND-enabling and be in clinic next year.  

Older Adult with Alzheimers

Our Purpose

Praetego was founded on the basis of rigorous and extensive science and the desire to offer potent oral drugs for chronic diseases associated with aging. Our proprietary small molecule technology targets an established early driver of disease in neurodegeneration, diabetic microvascular disease, and aging.

Drug Development praetego

Our People

At Praetego, addressing neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging is personal. Many of us are or have been caregivers to dementia patients. Our clinicians are leaders in the field of neurology and Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia. The Praetego team has extensive scientific, technical and operational experience in drug development.

Praetego limits Alzheimers

Our Purpose

Our lead program is PTG-630 to limit early Alzheimer’s disease. Praetego’s potent and proprietary Amadorins have demonstrated preclinical proof of efficacy in Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, and Diabetic Retinopathy. The current class of Amadorins under development are the fourth generation of this technology and have ample IP protection past 2040.

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