verb \ pruh-tay-go\    latin “to protect”
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Praetego is biopharma company developing first-in-class Advanced Glycation End-product (AGE) inhibitors able to deter AGE formation at the initiation of pathology. Through this novel and proprietary small molecule technology, Praetego’s candidates are designed to slow or prevent diseases driven by oxidative stress. This includes the highly burdensome diseases of Neurodegeneration/Alzheimer’s, Diabetic Microvascular Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease. Praetego’s AGE inhibitor platform technology applies to the chronic conditions of aging.


Praetego’s novel small molecules inhibit the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). This means we can radically change how the body ages. AGE formation is driven by how the body manages glucose. While everybody generates AGEs, diabetics are at greater risk of AGE driven pathology due to excess glucose. Praetego is committed to developing drugs to address AGE pathology and the many diseases of aging.

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Praetego’s team members led the discovery and development of the Amadorins and offer extensive technical and operational experience in developmental stage drug companies.
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Praetego’s novel small molecules (Amadorins) have demonstrated preclinical proof of mechanism in a variety of AGE-driven disease models. Our pipeline includes programs for Neuropathy, Retinopathy, and Neurodegeneration / Alzheimer's Disease.

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Press and Announcements

Praetego Wins RESI Longevity Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

September 30, 2021

Praetego wins Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at RESI Longevity

Life Science Nation Interview

July 14, 2021

After being a winner in the Digital RESI June Innovator’s Pitch Challenge, Praetego’s CEO Pepper Landson is interviewed by Life Science Nation to tell her story.